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Topics: Sales, Business, Customer Pages: 2 (455 words) Published: April 7, 2013
We would like to recommend TNT because they follow the TQM based business, where they do not prioritize their profit but they give priority to the customers. TNT recognized that the increasing expectations of customers meant the business had to make major changes to ensure it could meet their needs. TNT adopted a core strategy focused on delivering a quality customer experience. It developed a two-year program to implement and communicate its customer promise to employees and customers. TNT starts with customer focus. It is a process of providing customer satisfaction based on an understanding of what customers want and need. Effective business aim to anticipate and meet or exceed these needs. It also requires effective communication. There are many different aspects which underpin customer satisfaction in a business. Relevant factors for TNT customers involve: * On-time delivery - TNT aims to deliver all documents, parcels and freight to the customer’s required timescale through its door-to-door integrated air and road network. * 24/7 tracking – TNT’s sophisticated online technology makes it possible for customers to track where their consignments are at any time of the day, giving them reassurance. * Personal attention – TNT can accommodate specific customer requirements for safe delivery of unusual or fragile items. For example, on one occasion, the company transported a life-sized fiberglass Friesian cow from Scotland to a farm in northern Ireland.

TNT has embedded the company’s values – ‘to be a trustworthy, values-based company with a reputation for integrity, transparency and compliance’- Into its customer promise. TNT claims: ‘Actions speak louder than words and that when we say “Sure we can”, we mean it’. This ‘can-do’ attitude and positive mindset affect all aspects of TNT’s business. A can-do attitude becomes the mentality of TNT’s people; it influences the organization’s culture which in turn informs all the actions...
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