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  • Published : December 5, 2012
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Cross-Cultural Perspectives in Management

Issues of Face in a Chinese Business Visit to Britian
Word Count: 930

1. Issues found by the Chinese

2.1. Hotel

2.2. Welcome Meeting

2.3.1. Seating Arrangement

2.3.2. Welcome Speech

2.3. Programmes Activities

2. British Perspective

3. Background Cultural Assumptions

4.4. The Hosts

4.5. The Visitors

4. Future Advice

1. What particular issues did the Chinese have during their trip?

2.1. Hotel

The british company assumed that the chinese would prefer to stay in a cheaper hotel, in order to have more “pocket money” at the end of their visit. However, the Chinese visitors did not feel comfortable in the chosen hotel and ordered a transference.

2.2. Welcome meeting:

2.3.1. Seating arrangement:
Firstly, the seating arrangement meant much more than just a geographic positioning of chairs. Not only the difficulties in introducing each other that disturbed the Chinese, but mostly the fact that one of the British hosts was seating at the end of the table. That represented for the chinese a kind of hierarchical disparity, it seemed like the british hosts had superiority towards the chinese visitors. In spite of the assumption that the Chinese culture has a High power distance basis, that means that hierarchical conditions should be acceptable, their tendence to collectivism may have been more influential in this situation, generating the problem.

2.3.2. Welcome Speech:
The chinese visitors felt annoyed by the fact they were not given the chance of retribute the speech, as is traditional in their culture. Also, the lack of gratitude in the British head manager speech threatened the Chinese face, not being sufficiently honoured. These attitudes represented a stronger threat, once that it was “targeted” to the Chinese culture, that shows a high degree of long-term orientation,...
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