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Executive Summary

The focus of the strategic marketing plan would be to outline a strategy for the TNT company, which is a very well known courier company. This company has managed to gain success in the past but it is apparent that in placed like Malaysia, the company is undergoing heavy competition from various other courier companies. Increasing competition, lack of innovation and high pricing are all factors that are contributing to the low performance of the TNT company in Malaysia. What is apparent here is that the success of TNT is now under threat as there is immense competition and also lack of efficient marketing at the company in Malaysia. The primary aim of the strategic marketing plan would be to make a proposal of a strategy to make the firm very competitive through capitalizing on its strengths and taking advantage of its opportunities. The firm provides a courier related services and the aim of the report would be to focus on their express courier service that concerns the courier of documents, parcels as well as packages inside and outside of Malaysia. The strategic marketing plan outlined its mission and vision, their strategic objectives as well as a deep analysis of their micro/macro environment. The firms key success factors would be examined and the macro-environmental analysis would likely to bring out trends as well as relevant information which would then be subject to examination of the present state of the market, its industry and also various relevant data that can help to pave the way for the recommendation of a marketing strategy for TNT. Among the conceptual frameworks that would be used include SWOT and PEST. It is stated here that the implementation of the strategy is likely to assist the company to address issues and challenges so as to make sure that there is survival for the following 3-5 years.

Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction

2.0 TNT Corporate Profile

3.0 Mission of TNT Malaysia

4.0 Vision of TNT Malaysia

5.0 Strategic Marketing Objectives

6.0 Key Success Factors for TNT Malaysia
7.0 Macro/Micro Environmental Analysis for TNT

7.1 MICRO Analysis

7.2 MACRO Analysis

7.3 TNT SOWT Analysis

7.4 Final Analysis for Macro/Micro Environment of TNT

8.0 Strategic Thrust

9.0 Developing Medium Strategic Options

10.0 Financial Analysis for TNT

11.0 action plan

12.0 Conclusion

13.0 References

1.0 Introduction

The strategic marketing plan is concerned with TNT’s express transportation services and there would be an analysis of relevant factors and components of the strategic marketing plan for TNT will be outlined and to be aimed at giving way to a sort of strategy which can help this division of TNT so as to become very competitive in Malaysia. It is apparent that with the presence of other competitors, both large and small, TNT face a hard future in the event that they do not make improvements to their marketing strategy.

2.0 TNT Corporate Profile

TNT Express Services can be outlined as being a sort of courier service company that was originally premised in the UK and now it has a presence in most parts of the world, including Malaysia. The primary specialization of the company would be to provide global express, logistics and mail services all over the globe. The company is now getting an increase in the amount of annual turnover but of late, the financial performance of the company is thrown into doubt due to high competition in the market ( – Company Profile and Information, 2011).

3.0 Mission of TNT Malaysia

The very first mission pertaining to the TNT company would be to pave the way for enhancements pertaining to the services offered by customers and this is so that these customers can obtain very high quality. It is this that is noted to comprise of the primary mission of TNT. In line with this, the company is focused on providing a number of highly efficient express and logistics solutions that are focused on a...
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