Tma 03 Aa100- Myths Surrounding Stalin in Khruschevs Speech

Topics: Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin, Cattle Pages: 4 (1321 words) Published: February 4, 2013
TMA 03
Part 1 - Stalin
Khruschev's speech helped the creation of myths that surrounded Stalin to become stronger. Khruschev uses Lenin in his speech to counter Stalins behaviour/methods, and exaggerate it to a certian extent. Khruschev said that Lenin only used extreme methods in the most 'neccesarry cases', when the soviets were in harder times and 'struggling for survival' although Lenin estblished, 'Apparatus of the repression that was of considerble size'(Mohan, book 1, 2009, pg 136-7), 'In the immediate aftermath of revoulution and it was frequently used in the 1920's by Lenin against those he regardedas opponents - even those who supported the goals of the revolution and the construction of a socialist society' (Mohan, book 1, 2009, pg 136-7). This has caused different historians to disagree about Stalins crimes, some say it was Stalin's personality or just how he was why his crimes were so bad and some claim the Lenin had just set an example for him and he followed Lenin's footsteps. Khruschev goes on to say that even though Lenin used extreme methods in necessary times, Stalin 'Used extreme methods and mass repressions at the time when the reveloution was already victorious'. Here Khruschev is claiming that Stalin used severe methods at all times and to anyone. This helps the myth of Stalin become stronger as its howing people how cold hearted and ruthless he was and the brutality that he used. At the time of Stalin's death the Soviet people were mourning and as historian 'Sarah Davids' Said ' The Stalin that existed in the minds or ordinary Soviet citizens was not the super human Stalin of much visual representation, But one who embodied for more traditional ideas of appropriate leadership. Stalin was seen by many as a father-like defender of the people' (Davies, 1997, p116). His victory also helped the myth surrounding Stalin to become stronger, and figure 5.7 in the 'Mohan, Reputations, Book 1, 2009, p 142) Stalins certificate of perticipation in...
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