Tkam Essay Outline

Topics: To Kill a Mockingbird, African American, The Real World Pages: 2 (262 words) Published: April 10, 2013
A. Attention Getter: As children grow, they learn many life lessons but they also become more immune to the sometimes ugly reality.

B. Thesis: Throughout this novel, Jem and Scout realize the unpleasant truth of the world through their community which results in the loss of their innocence.

II. Body
A. Topic Sentence: Different situations result in Jem and Scout to lose their innocence as they see how society groups people.
1. Kids learn that even Maycomb is a place full of judgmental people
a. "There's four types of folks in this world. There's the ordinary kind like us and the neighbors, there's the kind like the Cunninghams out in the woods, the kind like the Ewells down at the dump, and the Negroes" (Page 304)

2. Tom Robinson case
a. realize Maycomb treats African Americans poorly
3. Miss Gates
a. hypocrisy, cares for others outside of world but not at home in the same situation

B. Topic Sentence: Jem and Scout react to their loss of innocence in contrasting manners
1. Jem doesn't know how to react
a. Cries after Tom Robinson case
b. Yells at Scout for mentioning case
i. "I never wanta hear about that courthouse again, ever, you hear me? ... Don't you ever say one word to me again about it (Page 331)
2. Scout handles gracefully
3. Jem is immature as Scout is mature handling it

III. Conclusion
A. Restating Thesis: Jem and Scout lose their innocence from realizing the ugly truth of the real world through their community Lee's book To Kill a Mockingbird.
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