Tkam Boo Radley's Diary

Topics: Boy, Laughter, Girl Pages: 2 (536 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Dear Diary
I had seen what could quite possibly be the most amusing sight in my whole life this afternoon. As I had watched through my "spy hole" as I liked to call it, two young boys were standing a ways down the street with a little girl running towards them with a tire. "I'm first!" the little girl had proclaimed. I had wondered what they were up to but thankfully I didn't have to wait long. The little girl folded herself into the tire. The eldest of the boys went behind the tire and pushed it! I couldn't believe my eyes? They had just rolled the poor girl down a hill in a tire! After a moment I had realized that they were simply playing a game! I had watched silently, as the two boys ran down the hill as fast as they could, without gravity making them fall, after the girl in the tire. I had continued watching with my eyes wide as she eventually fell out into my yard. Her small body had lain on the ground for a couple of minutes, and I had thought in that split second that those fools had seriously hurt her, but she had quickly shaken off any pain or confusion she had, what with the boys yelling at her like they were. "Scout, get away from there, come on!" The panic in his voice had scared me somewhat; I had never experienced that type of caring before. The girl – Scout – had rolled her head to the side, and raised it ever so slightly, and had looked straight towards the house I reside in currently. Her eyes had gone wide as saucers while her mouth had formed an 'O' shape. It had been rude of me, but I had smirked at her expression. "Come on, Scout, don't just lie there!" The oldest boy had screamed. "Get up, can'tcha?"Scout had risen to her feet as quickly as she could; trembling violently as she navigated her way from the yard. "Get the tire!" The same boy had yelled. "Bring it with you! Ain't you got any sense at all?" I had felt sorry for her, but I couldn't help myself. It had been so long since I had felt like that and that instinctual need to let my...
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