Tjx Companies

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  • Published : February 24, 2013
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Week 5 Checkpoint – TJX Companies
Joshua Bailey

The credit card data theft that TJX Companies experienced happened because they were using WEP wireless security, which is the weakest form of wireless encryption today, and hackers could access the credit card data easily. If TJX had taken the time to implement a stronger encryption method, thousands of dollars would have been saved by the company. Proper site surveying could also have prevented the attackers from making a breach. TJX Companies had other weaknesses. They allowed certain people to use USB devices in their computers. Someone could easily steal data on a USB device and use it. Also they didn’t have a firewall preventing data from intrusion to the main company. They could have had something set up where access to records could not be accessed from specific computers. They also had no virus scanning software on their computers. TXJ didn’t implement any data encryption to their systems data.. Using data encryption algorithms makes it harder for hackers to decipher any stolen information. The hacking and theft of the credit card data of TJX Companies was a severe loss to the company and to their customers, seriously tarnishing the company’s reputation. With the lawsuits and insurance claims, millions of dollars were lost and surely TJX Companies is feeling the repercussions from this incident and have learned a valuable lesson if they are still in business. The cardholders had to have gone through a financial burden and suffered the most. TJX Companies must be accountable from the loss and proper measures have to be applied to secure any company from theft.