Tivo Swot

Topics: Digital video recorder, Advertising, Brand Pages: 2 (344 words) Published: April 23, 2013
* Pioneer in digital video recorder (DVR) industry
* High customer growth rates
* User friendly equipment with numerous innovative features * High level of customer satisfaction
* Loyal customer base with high brand recognition
* Partnership with Sony and Philips brought an image of reliability * Nationally available through electronic chains like Best Buy * Multiple potential revenue streams: opportunities for advertisers and networks Weaknesses

* Lackluster sales because it’s the first in digital video recorder category. * Functions were difficult and confusing to explain to customers. * Ineffective communication with its consumers.

* The manufacturers ’reps couldn’t give TiVo the amount of support it required. * Expensive product with additional service fee for recording and no reference point * Restricted promotional activities

* Traditional markets will implement defensive strategies to protect their market share * Legislative agenda could restrict opportunities
* Technology is easy to replicate
* Many competitors
Option Chart
Expand to the internet| * Customers can easily access shows and movies if they missed them live. * Internet is popular because is convenient. * Can operate like Hulu or nexflix by charging small fees | * Tivo’s image will change from DVR box to wireless access/internet/the new stuff| * Ton of competition | Go international| * Expanding to new markets| * Might have to change image in other countries | * Potential bad brand image if the country didn’t like it’s product or service| Expand on service in the DVR box| * More options that customers want * Offering HD for better viewing * The easier and the more convenient and less work the happier the customer.| * Because of its system was not build to expand, it will have to change the entire system to provide more...
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