Tituba's Diary

Topics: Salem witch trials, The Crucible, Devil Pages: 2 (385 words) Published: November 20, 2011
Tituba’s Diary

May 13, 1692

Today I told the girls that we would do something different tomorrow. A very special practice that is unknown to the people of this village. We will preform a voodoo ritual . We will meet in the woods and get started right away. Hopefully they gathered all the items and have not forgotten what I have showed them.

May 14, 1692

Today we preformed the voodoo ritual. It went pretty smoothly except for the fact that Abigail went a little too far. That Abigail Williams, she truly frightens me, also I belive that our actions may not have gone unnoticed. I fear the worst. If what I think is true we might be in more than trouble with God, but our lives may also be at risk.

May 20, 1692

My predictions were true. Our recent action in the woods where noticed, and I was betrayed by the girls that I watched over for many years. How could it have come to this, a simple ritual not meaning any harm escalating to witchcraft, impossible…. Sitting in this cell I have two choices. I can hang or I can confess to witchcraft along with offering names of other witches and be released. Who to chose?

September 1, 1692

Druing my captivity I have composed the perfect lie. I will state that the devil came to me. I have no choice who will stand for me, a slave woman in a distant culture. I will be set free and continue living. As enraged I am towards the girls actions, I must not hint to there involvement. I do not know why I cannot so I will leave it at that.

September 5, 1692

The madness in Salem continues. Abigail is almost out of option. She is out of control. Suspicons are plentiful as neighbor is turned aginst neighbor, friend aginst friend. Such chaos from something as simple as a accuisation. Who would have known, the insanity of it all. Unimaginable……. John proctor is to hang today, that is unless he confesses to witchcraft. Highly unlikely. I wonder what her motive was. Possibly jelousy or mabey...
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