TitleLangston HughesSpecific Purpose To Inform My

Langston Hughes

Title:Langston Hughes

Specific Purpose: to inform my audience about Hughes life and success.

Central Idea:Hughes was an American poet , social activist ,novelist , playwright,and columnist.

Attention:Have you ever heard about Langston Hughes?

Topic:Hughes is a smart person and has a good personality

Credibility:James Mercer Langston Hughes early life , achievements , and interests.

Preview:Today i would like to give you some information about Langston Hughes.


i. Langston Hughes Early life .
A. On February 1,1902 Hughes was born in Joplin,Missouri B. His parents separated soon after his birth
C.Hughes was raised primarily by his maternal grandmother ,Mary , until she died in his early teens D.After that he went to live with his mother in Cleveland ,Ohio.During this time that Hughes first began to write poetry.

i. His achievements
A. Spingam Medal (1960)

B.Anisfield - Wolf book award (1954.simple takes a wife )

C.Guggenheim Fellowship for creative arts (1935)

i. i.Langston Hughes Success

A.In 1925 ,Hughes's poem "The Weary Blue " won first prize in the opportunity magazine literary competition . B.Hughes received a scholarship to attend Lincoln University , in Pennsylvania. C.In 1929 Hughes published his first novel,Not Without Laughter . D.In 1937 he served as a war correspondent for several American newspapers during the Spanish Civil War.

Summay:Langston Hughes has struggled financially and mentally in his journey of becoming a famous writer ,yet never giving up hope .After sailing and visiting several different countries he gained enough knowledge and experience to publish and edit literature .All this accomplished with no money and in a time where black never to be considered as influential writers .

Close:"Life is for the living...
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