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Analysis of a Titleist Irons Advertisement
There are so many companies that boast that they have the best irons and longest driver in golf, but Titleist has associated themselves as the elite golf club manufacturer. Known mostly for golf balls, Titleist has come a long way with their exceptional feel and great looks to improve the games of every golfer. Titleist ran a print advertisement in the April 2010 Golf Digest magazine displaying advanced performance in their clubs. The tagline reads, “Improvements You Can Feel” (16-17). The Titleist AP1 & AP2 irons are the products being sold in this ad. When people think of golf, Nike or Callaway is normally what comes to mind, but Titleist is known for their performance in the clutch. The expense of improving a golfers’ game with these clubs may also come with a big hole in the wallet. The target market of Titleist’s ad is directed towards serious golfers, amateurs, and PGA Tour players who want to feel performance, just not see it.

The target market is aimed at golfers of all ages who have serious intentions to play at their highest ability. The targeted age group is twelve to seventy-five. Anyone who has played or watched golf has heard of the Titleist brand, and this particular brand of irons combine technologies to golfers who want performance with great feel. According to the section titled “Persuasion: Advertisement” in the Prentice Hall Grammar handbook, people must find out if they can trust this product and how to find more information on it. Young and old golfers are very familiar with Titleist’s products, and that is why they recommend these clubs for people who will appreciate the improvement. They directly state in the description to visit titleist.com to get all the details and find local fitting stations. Titleist has long targeted tour professionals and is slowly advancing to the younger generation of golfers.

The Titleist name itself exhibits the use of logos. The bottom right side of the ad...
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