Title : the Affects of Temperature on Enzymes Activity

Topics: Enzyme, Amylase, Starch Pages: 3 (663 words) Published: November 13, 2012
Title : the affects of temperature on enzymes activity
1. The Problem: measuring and recording the digestion of carbohydrates by enzyme amylase 2. Independent variable: water bath temperature
3. Dependent variable: the time taken for the carbohydrates to get digested by amylases 4. Controls: the amounts of the carbohydrates and the enzymes in the reaction 5. Quantitative measurement:

Time | Temperature | Enzymes concentration | Substrate concentration | Starches Indicators | Catalysts | In minutes | Cloven /Celeste | Per millimetre cube | Per millimetre cube | Per drop | No catalyst | 1. Materials: 6 water bathes. test tubes, test tube rack , amylase enzymes , carbohydrate form ( flower or ,potato), thermometers , indicator ,stop clock ,protection (lab coat, goggles ) 2. Procedure:

* prepare 6 test tubes with 10 cm of carbohydrate milk and misuse 5 cm of amylase enzymes in a cringe and add to test tube also indicator should be add and there is no catalyst in this experiments * Place the test tubes on the water baths

* Water baths should be with fixed temperatures from 10 ,20,30,40,50,60,70 * Start the stop clock as soon as the test tube in the water bath * Keep an eye on the test tube till colour change is observed and the take the test tube out and tack time measurements * Also every temperature measurements should be done individually that the other tests to eliminate error (no one can be in 6 places at the same time ) * Make a table and record the time taken to the enzymes to work and digest the substrate at each temperature individually * Draw a graph

* Make your conclusion based on the results
Hypothesis:. the affect of temperatures on rate of typical enzyme –controlled reaction up to about 40c the rate increases smoothly, also a 10 degree increase of the temperature accompanied by approximate doubling in of the rate of the reaction this is the normal temperature rule...
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