Title: Smoking Should Not Be Allowed in Public Places:

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  • Published : September 19, 2010
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Title: Smoking should not be allowed in public places:
In a developing country like India smoking is becoming one of the major issues affecting the hygiene of public places. Smoking in public places is not a right thing. Public places like Bus stations, busy roads, railway stations, public parks etc.., are usually crowded with people. Smoking in such places creates lot of inconvenience to the public. An argument might be made that people who are worried about secondhand smoke should leave the area where a smoker is having a cigarette. However, this is not always possible. A sick person in a hospital cannot simply get up and leave when smoke starts entering their room. On public transportation such as a bus, train, or airplane, a person cannot escape the pervasive smoke that flows from the user’s lungs. At a restaurant, a person is unable to leave the table with their food because someone started smoking one table over. Furthermore, children have not had the time to comprehend the consequences of inhaling secondhand smoke and may continue to stay in an area with smokers, even if an exit is available. These are only a few situations where smokers must be compelled not to smoke by having good public policy in place. Every citizen in this country has a right to lead a healthy life. By allowing people to smoke in public, a government would be failing to protect the right of its citizens to live a long and healthy life. Smoking has a dual affect. It not only spoils the health of the smoker but also the person who takes the smoke in if he is standing near the smoker. This is called Second-hand smoke. Intake of second-hand smoke also causes cancer. According to the National Cancer Institute (NCI) at the United States National Institute of Health, secondhand smoke contains 250...
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