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Topics: DNA, Science fiction, Lepidoptera Pages: 1 (331 words) Published: May 13, 2009
The title GATTACA is an appropriate name for the movie because it is set in the future, where DNA information decides everyone's fate and genetic engineering is used to “breed” the elite of society. The word “GATTICA” is an acronym for four major components of the DNA structure. In the movie; Gattica is the name of an aeronautics company that launches space missions. Vincent is one of the last “natural” babies and has a heart condition which would cast him out of a chance to travel in space. He assumes the identity of Jerome (who has been genetically configured) in order to fulfill his dream. Therefore, because of the relationship between DNA and the plot, GATTACA is an appropriate name for the movie.

The title The Chrysalids is an appropriate name for the novel because it signifies that it is a novel about change. The word "chrysalid" is a term related to the state through which a larva must pass before becoming a butterfly or a moth, a change between states. The novel is set in the future after a big nuclear explosion. This caused the population’s technology to change and to be very un-advanced. The people in Waknuk believe that everyone has to be the exact image of God and do not accept any changes to this mold. Therefore, because of the relationship of the theme of change, The Chrysalids is an appropriate name for the novel. The movie GATTACA is similar to the novel The Chrysalids because they both stories of science fiction. They are also similar because both relate to human imperfections and how it is not accepted in the community. Lastly I think that Sophie from The Chrysalids is similar to Vincent from GATTACA. Vincent decides to run away so they don’t capture him and Sophie needs to run away from Waknuk as well. The movie GATTACA and the novel The Chrysalids have similar themes and ideas that make them very relatable.
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