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Food Service Management
1st Quarter SY 2012 - 2013

It is a fact that people nowadays are very conscious when it comes to their own personal health. The reason behind this fact is because people tend to invest on different kinds of food and beverages that not only have a good taste factor but also provides health benefits. Having this information, there is a trend of Teashop businesses in the country providing a beverage drink that offers both good taste and health benefit factors. It is a psychological factor that when people think of milk, the first thing that pops in their minds is a nutritious beverage that is good for the bones because of the calcium in its content and when people think about tea it is an another health beneficial beverage that makes you relax , maintains focus , and even lose fats , as they say so. What drives this kind of mentality are the advertisements coming from the media like commercials of independent milk and tea products .

Theolly, is the start-up milk tea shop in Marikina Heights, Markina City, This teashop will provide luscious milk tea and haven to every guest. It aims to provide a cozy space for students, faculty, and residents in the area. The ambience of the shop and the love for milk tea by its guests will be the winning factors not only by the company, but of its associates and guests as well.  Theolly is located in front of St. Scholastica’s Academy Markinina where a lot of people specifically the students ,teachers , parents come and go. The shop is very accessible to every point; guests just have to walk or ride a public vehicle.  Theolly’s product offerings range from basic teas to different kinds of milk teas and fruit teas. Value for money will be met with a cup of milk tea in the welcoming atmosphere of the shop. Company Profile

▪ Business Started: July 2 , 2012
▪ Founded by : Amadeuz Aquino
▪ Business Location :17 West Drive, Marikina Heights, Marikina City ▪ Operating days : Monday to Saturday
▪ Operating hours : Open 11 am – 8 pm : working hours – 9 hours

Theolly, as the leading tea shop in Marikina Heights, will provide a cozy space for every guest who would want to unwind, chill out, or study.  Vision 
Theolly will be the top-of-the-mind milk tea shop in Marikina Heights where every guest can relax, and have fun while indulging in their choice of Milk Tea.

• To be the leading milk tea shop in the Marikina Heights.  • To be financially profitable by earning more than a million for the first year, PHP 1,300,000.  • To uphold efficiency by having an increased net every year by 10% up to two years.  • To mark extraordinary experiences to guests each time they visit 

Brand & Logo 
The inspiration and theme of Theolly, Your Milk Tea Fantasy are the students of St. Scholastica’s Academy Marikina. The values and the culture of the school is much likely the same with the company in order to easily acquire the market. 

Class and freshness signifies the designed circle. The cup of tea with a leaf is placed within it to denote the product and its target market.

The text, Theolly is positioned in a circular style to meet with the theme of the company.

The tag line, YOUR MILK TEA FANTASY is placed in the bottom part which means that what the guests have a hankering for will be provided by the shop – refreshing and healthy beverages consumed in a cozy place. There will not be a single day that our loyal customers won’t buy their favorite drink. 

A distinct brand of milk tea will stand out in Marikina Heights for every student and resident would want to visit the shop...
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