Titans Curse

Topics: The Clay Marble, Want, Need Pages: 1 (389 words) Published: February 19, 2013
The Clay Marble Trevor AposhianDara Analysis Imagine being forced out of your house because of a wave and ending up in a refugee camp. As it happened to Dara in The Clay Marble by Minfong Ho. When Dara is being whiny to her family about leaving her house, she is building up other people’s esteem. She didn’t want to leave but she had no choice not to because of the bombing. On the way she is on the road for nine days without much food. Her and her family are headed to the refugee camp for shelter. The reader watches as Dara transforms from a shy, insecure girl to the voice of a reason by the end of the story. While at the refugee camp Nea explains to Dara the need to do everything in the open. Dara has never been asked to take a shower in the open. She feels as if everyone around facing her is a stranger. Sooner or later she will have to face her fear of standing up in public.Suddenly Dara meets Jantu in a crowd with Jantu’s baby brother. They start talking about a food truck that hands out free food. Just then they go sit down by a pond and start to pick up clay and start forming figures. Dara watches Jantu make a marble with her skillful fingers. Jantu had given Dara the marble and said it was magic as long as you believed in it. Dara had started to get quiet until her mother had said dinner.Dara is finally starting to feel as if she doesn’t need the marble anymore. Her brother Sarun is the head of the family but is becoming as if he only cares about military. Dara wants to go home but Sarun does not because he wants to walk. Dara steps up to him and says that she is going. Suddenly everyone but Sarun says where going to. Sarun realizes that family is more important than military. Dara has now officially changed from a shy girl to a secure girl.Dara has the confidence within her now. She can make her own decisions of going home. It impacted her and her...
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