"Titanic" Film Assignment

Topics: Leonardo DiCaprio, Love, Romance Pages: 2 (709 words) Published: December 10, 2012
1. One of the themes for the movie “Titanic” is that love can overcome differences in two people. Jack made his way onto the grand R.M.S. Titanic by luck, winning his ticket in a game of poker. Rose, on the other hand, comes from a rich family that could afford to pay for first class tickets onto the ship. Despite this, and the opposition Rose’s mother has towards the relationship, Jack and Rose fall helplessly in love. Jack is also a carefree guy that lives day by day, taking on what may come. Rose is very stoic and graceful, and she has lived in prosperity her entire life. Another theme is that Trust is one of the deepest commitments you can make. When Jack and Rose are on the forward bow of the ship, Rose says she trusts Jack not to let her go. Also, when Jack is trapped on the bottom floor, handcuffed, he trusts Rose to take an emergency axe to the handcuffs, even though she proved she couldn’t hit accurately. The third theme is that people cannot be molded into something that is against their nature. This is exemplified in Rose, because she has been brought up to be a polite, perfect young woman, but when she meets Jack, he brings out the “flame he loves so much” in her. She defies her family and her fiancé to follow her heart and chooses to go off with Jack. 2. One moment in the film I feel had a powerful emotional impact was the quite famous scene between Jack and Rose as they are floating in the middle of the Atlantic, a piece of driftwood their only hope for survival. They try to balance their weight on the wood, but it becomes apparent that it can only hold one of them. Jack slips back into the water, shivering, and holds Rose’s hand as she lies on the wood. He knows he will die, but he also knows it is worth it because he loves her that much, and knows that she must go on, and her fire must continue to burn bright. It is beyond any capacity to love that I can fathom in today’s era. To love someone more than you value your life is incredibly moving,...
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