Topics: Titanic, Bill Paxton, James Cameron Pages: 1 (328 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Titanic movie review
My most favorite movie is “Titanic”. I watched this movie when I was twelve years old. Although a long time has passed, images of a picture are still fresh in my mind. The movie begins in the present, as a team of fortune hunters (including Bill Paxton) are probing the sunken ruins of the Titanic for lost treasures that might still remain hidden. They found a nude only wearing a necklace set with jewels in the strange box. After a while an old lady visited them and she said the woman in the nude is surely herself. Then she told a story about the necklace. These are three reasons why I like this movie. First reason is in the movie heroine tells the story in flashback effect, second reason is this movie has many beautiful scenes, and third reason is the beautiful love story between two main characters. The first reason that I like this movie is the movie heroine tells the story in flashback effect. In the begging of this movie, the grandmother thought back to her past days. Her name is Rose and heroine of the movie. I like this flashback effect as a telling the story because it is making more understandable about the character situation and character’s feeling and the make audience feel more involved in a movie. So when I watching this movie I could more understand and feel about characters feeling. According to the website WISEGREEK “When referring to flashbacks in the arts, the technique can appear in a variety of settings and guises. Flashbacks are used to fill in plot, to provide more information about characters, and to present scenes in a different light. The flashback effect is particularly popular in stories which are meant to be complex explorations of groups of people, with readers and viewers being thrust into the heart of the story and then picking up supporting details in the form of flashbacks.”(Smith)
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