Tis Frank Mccourt Poor Analysis

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Analysis of Additional Material “ ’Tis ”

’Tis A Memoir, By Frank McCourt

Sequel to ‘Angela’s Ashes’

Tis, is a sequel to ‘Angela’s Ashes’, tale of the life of Frank McCourt, He dreams of a better life in America and, at the age of 19, sails on the Irish Oak to a land of promise and wealth. Once in New York Frank struggles to find his place, working hard at surviving and sending home every spare cent he can to support his mother and younger brothers. Despite the fact that his family and friends in Limerick think he is lucky to be in America, Frank finds it difficult to fit in, always feeling out of place and not belonging.

The memoir of Frank McCourt’s life shows many concepts of him not belonging in many aspects of his life. As a poor Irish immigrant, with an alcoholic father who has deserted his family, he is forced to beg and work demeaning jobs through childhood as the oldest male in the family supporting many siblings and his mother. The responder knows that his integration into the more ‘advanced’ American society, will be very hard and is not helped by his ‘piss-hole’ eyes, pimply face, bad teeth and small stature. His Irish accent instantly distinguishes him as a lower class citizen, it leads to taunting and jest from the professors at NYU, taunting from his schoolkids, people who are wary of the amount of drinking Irish people do, but it earns him sympathy when dealing with other Irish background or related people, like bar owners, bank staff, landlord and girlfriend.

Even though his homeland is Limerick, where he has spent all of his childhood and where his family lives, he feels no sense of belonging or good memories, when his homeland is disrespected he feels he should ‘destroy him with a smart remark’, but says to himself ‘Why should I care what anyone says about Limerick anyway? All I has there was misery.’ On returning to Limerick he cannot describe his feelings he has only experienced misery at home, yet he cries on encountering the...
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