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  • Published: April 18, 2013
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Information Systems

areers in Accounting
A Career in Information Systems
Have you ever heard the sayings “knowledge is power” or “information is money”? When people talk about accounting, what they are really talking about is information. The information used by businesses, as well as the technology that supports that information, represents some of the most valuable assets for organizations around the world. Very often, the success of a business depends on effective creation, management, and use of information. As companies become ever more reliant on technology, the need for welleducated Management Information Systems (MIS) auditors and control professionals increases. Improved technology has the potential to dramatically improve business organizations and practices, reduce costs and exploit new business and investment opportunities. At the same time, companies face constant challenges in selecting and implementing these new technologies. Because of their high value and inherent complexity, the development, support, and auditing of information systems has become one of the fastest growing specialties in accounting. Graduates with special interests and skills in computing and technology have expansive opportunities. In addition to traditional accounting and auditing functions, MIS professionals perform evaluations of technologies and communications protocols involving electronic data interchange, client servers, local and wide area networks, data communications, telecommunications, and integrated voice/data/video systems. In public accounting, technology has impacted the auditing profession by extending the knowledge required to draw conclusions and the skills required to audit advanced accounting and information systems. With management consulting practices growing and information systems becoming a larger percentage of public accounting revenue, MIS professionals are in high demand. If you are considering a degree in computer or information systems, you...
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