Tired of Reality Tv but Still Tuning in

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  • Published : October 10, 2010
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Debra Quintero
Eng 101 QG

“Tired of Reality TV, but Still Tuning In”
Carter, Bill. "Tired of Reality TV, but Still Tuning In." New York Times 13 Sept. 2010:B4(L). Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center. Web. 14 Sept. 2010.

In Bill Carter’s article “Tired of Reality TV, but Still Tuning In” he discusses how television viewers claim to be tired of reality shows but this summer’s TV ratings seem to show the opposite. His thesis statement “…What viewers say they want and what they really watch are not the same…” is perfectly stated. Carter’s article is well researched and he cites several polls and interviews pertinent network executives. Carter cites a recent Tivo poll that shows 40 percent of viewers claiming to be tired of reality TV. He then goes on to explain that most of these programs were viewed by what network executives consider the most valuable demographic, the 18 to 49 year old age group. While Carter stops short of calling viewers hypocrites, it seems that this hypocrisy is realized, yet ignored, by the networks because of the high profits generated by these shows. To the networks, apparently any type of highly rated summer programming is worth keeping on the air summer after summer, year after year. Being a fan of reality TV shows myself, I enjoyed Carter’s well researched article and his succinct, factual writing style. I indeed agree with Carter, and his overall tone, that it seems the average American television viewer might just be a hypocrite if you compare polls to ratings. Not long ago, these types of shows were only aired on a few obscure networks. Now, due to their increasing popularity, these shows are aired year round, on every major broadcast network. The popularity of reality TV shows also turns average people, the so-called stars of these shows into overnight celebrities, or as I have heard them called, faux-lebrities, thanks to ratings. Reality television is adored in all media outlets it seems. Without...
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