Tips to Play Basketball

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  • Published : October 18, 2011
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My S.M.A.R.T Goal

As every week I come to the gym to play basketball, my skills feel like they’re improving in every aspect of basic basketball from defence to offence. Starting from the most important part of basketball the lay-up, I would give myself a rating of 3 of being really experienced in this category. When you first learn the basics of basketball, the teacher would develop this skill first because it’s the most used, especially when scoring. Knowing this I was taught basketball at an age of 12, so I’m very fluent in both my left and right hand lay-ups. I also have a variation of lay-ups giving me more options on scoring against different size defenders. For the next skill, shooting, I would give my self a 2 because I’m not as consistent compared to my lay-ups. Lastly, I would give my free-throws a 2 as well, but I would say it is my weakest skill in basketball because every time I take a free-throw I don’t feel like I’m releasing it properly causing me to miss.

Out of the four crucial basketball skills, I would say my free throws need more developing because I have no rhythm and my footwork is in need of help. I would always take my two steps before shooting a free throw and my two feet won’t be squared toward the basket. Not only that, I would pass the free throw line, which we all know is a violation which calls off the free throw point. As a small player, I consider myself as a point guard. A point guard works with his teammates very well, but at times where there is miscommunication, the point guard has to either shoot or drive. When driving, point guards are likely to draw the foul and take free throws. So if I can’t capitalize on my free throws, it is a wasted play.

To properly execute a free throw you would have to do the following:

1)Square the basket with your feet and line up your right arm with the basket. Put your right or left foot forward depending on which hand your dominant with. So if you shoot with your...
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