Tips on Successful Mba Essay Writing

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  • Published : May 25, 2013
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Business schools usually require students who want to get into an MBA program to submit an MBA essay. The admissions committees at such schools seek to meet the person behind the transcripts, GMAT scores and resumes submitted. The committees want to know what you can bring to the school, what sets you apart from other applicants, your goals and what you intend to do in order to attain them. The main aim or writing an MBA essay is to showcase your dreams, hopes and inner self. Your first priority should be to show the admissions committee how important it is for you to get admitted into a particular business school.

In order to be successful at MBA essay writing, there are a number of things you should do. One of them is looking at yourself objectively and contemplating what you can offer the business school and how it can help you improve your career. You should also consider the career you would like to have after completing the MBA. In addition to this, you should also gather information about the schools you are submitting your application to. Get information about their courses, programs and campus culture. After that, you can write your MBA application essay. Try to make it fresh and lively bearing in mind that thousands of MBA essays are submitted to admissions committee members. It is wise to include vivid details, use anecdotes and ensure that you rectify any grammar and spelling mistakes.

It is also essential to avoid the mistake of failing to do what is asked of you. The golden rule of MBA essay writing is keeping it real. Write the essay with a certain level of sincerity and integrity. You should write the essay yourself and recognize yourself in your work. As you write an MBA essay, you should try your best to send the ideal message about your candidacy throughout your application.

For example, if you are asked to write about your plans in an MBA essay, you can answer this question by writing about how you imagine a typical day in your...
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