Tips How to Have Successful Job Interview

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Tips on How to Have Successful Job Interview

Before you start to read our manual we would like to tell you that the manual is divided into ten parts: general preparation, days before, day before, day of interview, waiting, during, right after, day after, week after and weeks after. Then please relax and come to this way.

General preparation
Get references and letters of recommendation.
First, you need references and letters of recommendation. You should think of three to six people whom you used to work with and they will give you a good recommendation; for example: co-workers, former bosses. Do not choose the ones who have very high position, but they rarely talked to you. It is useless. Then you should go to ask their permission to be your references. If they prefer, you should note their correct title, work address and work phone number. Finally, you should ask them to write a letter of recommendation for you.

Tip: keep in touch with people from your universities and old work places._

Days before
Research the company.
Whether you apply an interview, you have to find out all information about your interested companies; for instance: nature of the business, structure of the organization, officers of the company, its location, position you will apply and if it is possible, you should find out about your interviewers. The easiest way to know these details is to visit the companies’ Web page The research will allow you to select the suitable one and it will show the interviewers as you are proactive, intelligent and energetic. Usually, the interviewer will expect that you have already known about the company.

Identify your key skills and accomplishments.
It looks like making the company’s SWOT analysis, but it is all about you. You should make a list of your personal and professional strengths, transferable skills and relevant accomplishments.

According to your research, you have already knows what are the company looking for the position. You should identify your qualifications that the company values and add a few personal situations that illustrate your possession of those qualifications.

Practice the interview.
To give you confidence and a sense of ease when you are in front of the interviewer you should practice the interview. There are so many ways to do; for example: you find interview books and write out the worst questions that could be asked. hen you have a role-play answering possible questions with a friend, a career counselor even though yourself. The books will guide the questions they usually ask and the ways you should respond. The more practice you have, the more perfect you are.

Moreover, you should prepare a few questions to ask the interviews as well.

Tip: have answers that are clear, concise and truthful because people admire honesty and frankness.

Check clothing.
Normally, you have to make sure that the cleanest and finest clothing is available for your interview. If not, you should go to borrow or buy it now and fit everything well.

Refer to the research, you should select clothes that fit to the nature of the business; for instance: in the high technology industry a formal suit and necktie are not required.

Additionally, during the interview you need to be attentive to the interviewer so that you should not be worried about the clothes. Be careful the suit, the shoes and the jewelry are comfortable and they let you focus on the person interviewing you.

Test drive.
To be on time is always appropriate for the interview. Make sure that you know the location of the interview, drive there to calculate the actually time you need and take notes about the building, how long to get there and any parking difficulties.

Day before
Call to reconfirm.
When you call to make an appointment for the interview, you should ask the name of the secretary or receptionist. Referring their name when you call back to reconfirm will...
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