Tips for Successful Elderly Aging

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  • Published : October 23, 2010
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Tips for Successful Elderly Aging
This brochure is to help the elderly to take actions to live longer become stronger with nutrition and finesses Physical mobility in the elderly age 65 and over

Elders are faced with mobility limitation caused by obesity,or decrease of the of the “sensory stage” known as vision hearing and touch , or diminishing physical energy” or by “slow reflexes” or by inflammation known as “arthritis in joints “or loss of bone tissue” which causes muscles and joints to become weakened or fragile due to over use or loss of tissues in the bones (ValueOptions1999-2010). These limitations causes problems “getting into the bathtub,” or out of the bathtub , “walking becomes slowed by a shuffling gait” causing problems with the elder going to the restroom or even affects his or her ability to attend to necessity needs such as dressing shopping , cooking due to the elders mobility becoming limited (ValueOptions1999-2010) .limit mobility leads to isolation which leads to loneness and depression . Successful aging tips for Elders find a good support system such as family and friends to help when in need .Regular tailored exercise such as aerobic , swimming , yoga , bicycling , walking helps keep the elderly individual physical active it helps the elderly to loose weight ,lower blood pressures , “strengthens the bones, heart and lungs” .While also helping to regain ones mobility back () Mental capabilities

Throughout the aging process memory loss occurs and cognitive abilities become impaired due to declining, which generally occurs at the sixty-five. Even to primary, short, and secondary memory become decline causing problems with recognition, and recalling information such as instruction, or direction .The aging are faced with many challenges cognitive abilities becomes impaired such as learning new and complicated material skills”. Even worse diseases known as “Alzheimer's or...
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