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Instructions To Find A Systematic Review For N3609

1. To find a systematic review from The Cochrane Library, go online to the UTEP library

a. enter into databases under the online resources

b. click on "nursing" as the subject

c. click on "The Cochrane Library" link which will take you directly to the site.

2. Avoid entering the Cochrane site directly, since often they do require a fee for downloads for some reviews. All reviews through the UTEP library are free.

3. On the main page for Cochrane, click onto the "advance search" option.

4. Enter in your key words to find the topic that you are interested in, click on the box for only systematic reviews and then enter in the date range for only the past five years (2006-2011).

5. Once you have found the review that you want (only reviews, no protocols), click onto the title.

6. Review the abstract page and the plain language summary. If this is still a review that interests you, then click on the "full" pdf section and determine the total page numbers for this review. Attempt to locate an article that is less than 50 pages although if you find one that you are truly interested in that is over 50 pages....discuss with your clinical instructor.

7. Instead of printing the entire article for initial approval (don't kill trees!) – save as a pdf file and email your instructor or post on your clinical group discussion board for them to review.

8. We will not approve systematic reviews that have found no trials available.

What is evidence-based practice?

Conscientious use of current best evidence in making decisions about patient care. It is a problem-solving approach that integrates:

➢ Systematic approach to searching for and appraising most relevant evidence

➢ One’s own clinical expertise

➢ Patient preferences and values

What is a systematic review?

A summary of...
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