Tips for Holding a House Party

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TipsforHoldinga ScreeningandHouseParty

If you liked The Story of Stuff and the message it conveys, we invite you to share it with your community by showing the film at a house party (or at a classroom, church group, neighborhood association or other event). A house party is a party at your house or a friend’s house that you can use as an opportunity for education and activism. The more of us who see The Story of Stuff, the better chance we have of transforming our culture of consumption and waste into a culture that priorities social and ecological well-being. And we know from making the film that if it’s going to have an impact, it has to be fun. So, let’s party! Here are some tips for holding a house party to screen The Story of Stuff:

Planning your house party
If you’re holding a house party, good planning will make it less stressful for you and more fun for everyone. Depending on when, where, and how you organize the gathering, you may need to modify these steps. Here are some ideas: • Thinkaboutyourgoals:OUR goal is to get as many people as possible to see The Story of Stuff in hopes that we can inspire people to act, and then, of course, to change the way our society extracts resources, makes stuff, consumes it, and lets it go. If you liked the film, we guess that is your ultimate goal too. But having a clear more immediately achievable goal will help to make your house party or event effective and give you that party afterglow once the guests have gone. Do you want to inspire your guests to start thinking about current methods of production and consumption? To join a campaign or start a new community project? To find connections between an existing local campaign and global issues? To figure out how to prioritize values other than consumption during the holiday season? Do you want to raise money for a campaign or program geared toward sustainability?* Do you want to collect signatures to convince your town council to legislate for Zero...
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