Tips for Good Opinion Paragraphs

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Tips for Good Opinion Paragraphs
You will need to be well prepared in order to write a good opinion paragraph. Here are the steps to take before you even start writing: | Pick a controversial issue - something people clearly agree or disagree with it strongly.| | Decide which side you will take - do you agree or disagree with it? This will be your opinion.| | Get as much information as you can in order to defend your point of view - you will need facts to support your point, examples of why your opinion is the correct one.| | Find out as much as you can about opinions that are different from yours - get as much information about the other side as you can.| | Be ready to change your main idea if your research shows you that your thoughts were not correct to begin with!|  

Now you are ready to start writing!
| Make sure your main idea - your opinion about the subject - is clear and well stated. For example: | Classes that start at or before 8 o'clock in the morning are not scheduled at the best time to benefit the majority of the students who have to take them.|

| Transition into the body of the paragraph - For example: | There are many, many reasons for this.|
| Give your second strongest reason to support this idea. For example: | Most of the students are pretty young and stay up until late at night working or socializing. They don't know how to manage their time well enough yet.|

| Give a specific example or statistics to support this statement. For example: | Look at statistics from college campus studies on this subject - say something similar to this -  A study done by _____________, from the _________ reports that University of ________ freshman students work_______ hours in the evenings, and then socialize for _________ hours. They only get an average of ______ hours of sleep.|

| Give your weakest reason to support this idea. For example: | People have a difficult time getting up too early in...
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