Tips for Compensating Lack of Work Experience in Your Resume

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  • Published : July 22, 2012
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Tips for compensating lack of work experience in your resume One of the main worries for a student without much of work experience is competing against experienced folks for internship. A few of my friends who are applying for internship wanted to improve their profile and mitigate lack of industrial exposure, so that, they get calls for interview. I’ve listed some of my suggestions that would help showcase their technical expertise in resume.


1. I am not a recruiter, the suggestions given should not be construed as expert opinion.

2. This post contains, some shameless self promotion!!,I just wanted to share some real examples of me practicing rather sounding only preaching. 1. Contribute to open source projects, below are some of the open source project hosing sites that are worth looking at. *


2. Participate in technical forums/discussion portals. Besides learning from reading the posts, one would feel good by solving others problem *

I used to participate at and won a book prize !! too.

3. Volunteer in any community/organization activities like: *

4. It is good idea to go for technical certification like SCJP, CCNA, as the preparation for the exams would make us more confident during interviews. 5. Have a good online portfolio like maintaining a website, blogging etc. * I blog at,,

6. Create a LinkedIn profile
* My LinkedIn profile is

It is also a good idea to subscribe to technical portals for latest tech news and read good materials: *...
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