Tipper Trucks in India

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  • Published : August 11, 2011
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What role does a Tipper Truck play in India today?
Until recently tipper trucks were identified as equipments with restricted role to offer dumping solutions. However, passing through enormous innovative technological modifications, tipper trucks are also now offering both cost effective dumping and haulage solutions to the construction and mining industry. Competitive construction solutions are synonymous with advanced equipment features. The solution can become further competitive if inherent features are synthesized with technological advancements. This is what the present generation of tipper trucks are made from.

How can one define the applications of Tipper Trucks?
Having incorporated all technological modifications, tipper trucks are now vehicles that can find its application in diverse construction jobs involving roads projects, power plants, dams, ports tunnels in a big way and industrial development projects. In road construction projects, there is a requirement of removal of earth all along the earmarked site till the requisite depth followed by laying of multiple layers of materials such as ‘good earth’, Granular sub base, Macadam layers and bitumen mixes. Tippers are used for the transport of all these materials in road construction (road-site to dump and burrow or plant to road-site). In dams, hydropower projects and canal work, nature of work involved is essentially removal and relocation of earth on the sites to obtain the desired profile. This earth movement is done again largely by tippers. In mining projects, tippers are again used to transport the ‘over burden’ material as well as the underlying mined ore from the blast site till the conveyor/dump yard. Tippers are also used in the road transportation of material such as coal once it is mined from the mines in cases where the lead distance to the end site is too long for conveyors and/or rail transport is not an option.
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