Tip Top Markets

Topics: Point of sale, Customer, Sales Pages: 1 (289 words) Published: February 12, 2013
There are many reasons why Tip Top Markets can be out of stock in many of their goods at all times. If orders are not being taken correctly or written out on time, delays in shipment can occur. If employees are not restocking shelves promptly, product will not move in the store and customers will be upset. In addition, having expired goods on sale will lead to an excess amount of product in the store. The dollars to buy will not be open because customers will not be purchasing expired goods and will then complain. And finally, it may be that the point of sale stations are old and can not read the merchandise that is being scanned through which can also cause pricing problems. Recommendations

In order for Tip Top Markets to improve these concerns, changes must be implemented. First we can start with the inventory system. By implementing a perpetual inventory system, goods will be ordered as they are sold. This will also offer the financial buyers the opportunity to observe trends in the different markets and buy into goods that will sell more in certain stores. In addition, this will cause the store to update their POS systems so that goods will be scanned through accurately and will help eliminate pricing problems. Next, Tip Top markets must ensure that employees are being properly trained to use the POS systems and learn how to properly stock merchandise and fill the shelves so that fresh product is out at all times. These recommendations will take money and time but in the long run they will help alleviate out of stock concerns and reduce customer complaints. Implementing these changes will benefit Tip Top Markets in the long run....
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