Tintorettos Last Supper

Topics: Jesus, Leonardo da Vinci, Periodization Pages: 1 (374 words) Published: March 1, 2012
Nick Carlone2/20/12
Last Supper – Jacopo Tintoretto
The painting I have selected for my second project is the Last Supper made between 1592 and 1594 by Jacopo Tintoretto. I picked this piece of art for many reasons. When I first saw this painting I was immediately attracted to it because of the detail that went into every person. Every person seems to have their own personality and emotion. Although you are immediately drawn to Jesus Christ in the middle of the painting because of the contrast between the light and dark, you are also drawn to the darkness in the back. The time and detail put into this painting is pretty amazing. I think that there are a lot of aspects to this painting which are worthy of writing about. Obviously, there is the religious aspect of this painting since it is of Last Supper. Any time a painting portrays a religious scene it undergoes scrutiny by the followers of the religion. If it does not show the people how they are portrayed in the Bible then people will criticize it. Another aspect of this painting is the culture of the time. There are many paintings of the Last Supper so how did the time period of this certain one influence it. Also, what made Leonardo’s version the most famous version of this scene? It was made over 100 years before Tintoretto’s so that raises another question. Did Leonardo’s version influence him in any way? Or was it a different situation, did Tintoretto see Leonardo’s and think The Last Supper should be shown in a different way? I hope to gain some insight into these questions and learn more about what was going through the artist’s head during the two plus years he was working on this. I hope in writing this essay and researching I accomplish a few tasks. I want to find how people scrutinized this piece in the past and even today. I would also like to know if this painting had any religious impact during the time and possibly the reason why Tintoretto painted this piece in the...
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