Tina Fey: Biggest Icon in Comedy Writing Today

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  • Published : March 1, 2013
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Tina Fey is one of the biggest icons in comedy writing today, and has created scripts that illuminate her talents in the business place. Her talent in humor is matched by few, and even then her work stands out as a monument of outright witty gold. She has created both cinema and television hits that continue to be talked about by people everywhere. Movies like Mean Girls, Date Night, and Baby Mama have created movie cults and endless fan affection throughout the years. Her experience while writing on Saturday Night Live has left a landmark on the show and even now has yet to be match. Even on her own television show, 30 Rock, you can see the passion through the dialog and its humane character that makes Tina Fey such an icon is the writing area of the business.

Tina Fey has been in many different areas of work that deal with comedy, and that has helped her in creating a writing technique that makes her unique and unmatched. Instead of writing short scripts about relevant topics in the media or current affairs, Tina prefers to write about people who bring out the best of their character. If a character lacks the ability to comprehend logical situations, but understand small simple ideas, she will write so the character will be constantly poked at to showcase that lack of knowledge that the audience obviously has. Working with other writers on Saturday Night Live, Tina gained the most knowledge about comedy. Constantly creating new and better material every week, she had to stay up with trends and find the best way to pitch ideas across the board. Lucky for her she continued to be a commercial success. She ended up being the most improved and valued writer of her time at that business.

Secondly, Tina Feys humor is unlike most comedies. Her idea of comedy is to create humor based upon human character and building, as well as the conflicts that come out of two or more characters that bring out the worst in them, while being hilarious at the same time. After...
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