Tin and Nitric Acid

Topics: Oxygen, Nitrogen dioxide, Oxide Pages: 3 (904 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Jarrett Sears
Dr. Hummel
Chem 121

A Chemical Reaction between Tin and Nitric Acid

Introduction: Finding the products made from the components of tin metal and nitric acid is the ultimate objective of this lab; the formula of the products will be found in the CRC handbook thereafter.

Procedure: First, obtain a clean crucible, and heat it under a Bunsen burner until it is as hot as possible, about 15 minutes within a fume hood unit. The Bunsen burner will be used under the fume hood for the entire duration of the lab. Place a crucible on a wire gauge, and wait for the crucible and its lid to cool off completely. After cooling, obtain the weight of the crucible and lid by placing it on a petri dish to be placed on an electric balance (petri dish mass must be obtained prior) without using any hands; there will not be any touching of the fingers or hands to or on the crucible and subtract the mass of the petri dish to obtain the mass of crucible. (Mass is noted at 61.805g with crucible and petri dish, crucibles mass: 25.253g) tin is weighed between 0.9000g and 1.0g (for this expirement, .98g is weighed) and added to the crucible, which is placed back onto the non.ignited Bunsen burner. While the crucible is being held by the Bunsen burner stand, 10M Nitric acid is dropped into the crucible with the tin unitil there is no longer any kind of reaction from it. This takes nearly 100 drops. It will bubble and fumes will arise. When nothing further occurs after ten minutes, the Bunsen burner is lit with the tin and nitric acid inside. Heat for about 15 minutes, let the crucible with the now contained tin oxide, cool on the wire gauze again and measure its mass. Repeat the heating process without adding anything to the crucible for an additional 15 minutes. After finding the mass of the tin oxide, by subtracting the initial weight of the crucible from the weight of the crucible with the tin oxide, we can compare the two measurements. Data:...
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