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1) Present tense simple3
2) Present tense continuos4
3) Present perfect (simple)5
4) Present perfect continuos6
5) Past tense (simple)7
6) Past tense continuous8
7) Past perfect simple9
8) Past perfect continuous10
9) Future Simple11
10) Future Continuous11
11) Future Perfect Simple12
12) Future Perfect Continuous12
13) Future in the Past Simple = Conditional Present Simple13 14) Future in the Past Continuous = Conditional Present C13 15) Conditional Past Simple14
16) Conditional Past Continuous14
Modul Subconjunctiv15
16. Sunconjunctiv vechi15
17. Subconjunctiv prezent15
18. Subconjunctiv perfect15
19. Subconjunctiv analitic sau perifrasic15
a)shall / should15
b)may / might16
NOTA: had better / best / rather16
Forma vb+ing17
- The Present Participle - activ17
- The Present Participle - pasiv17
- The Past Participle-activ17
- The Past Participle - pasiv17
2)Substantiv verbal17
Adjectiv verbal17
Forma vb+ed17
Verbele Modale18
1) CAN – COULD18
To able to18
2) Must18
To have to18
3) May – Might19
To be allowed to, to be permitted to19
To be possible to19
7) Need - Needed19
8) Dare – Dared20
9) To be going to20
To be to20
To be on the point of + vb-ing20
Zilele saptamanii:21
Ora exacta:21


1) Present tense simple - forma : I, you, we, they - vb.forma1
He, she, it - vb.forma1+s/es

Se traduce: Timpul prezent = Este acea actiune care se desfasoara in momentul vorbirii Ex: Eu aud

vb regulatevb neregulateDIATEZA PASIVA
AI, you, we, theycomestopis come / stopped
He, she, it comes stops
IDo I, you, we, they come
Does he, she, it come
NI, you, we, they don’t smoke
He, she, it doesn’t smoke

- adevaruri general valabile sau legi ale naturii
Ex. pamantul se invarte = the earth it turns around the sun

- instructiuni de folosire a aparatelor, masinilor, echipamentelor, instructiuni de orientare

- programe de lucru oficiale ale institutiilor, avioane, dead-line-uri pt proiecte, comentarii sportive, reclame

- exprima actiuni permanente sau stari generale
Ex. She works in a bank
Ex. Eu merg … = I walk …

- Intocmirea rapoartelor (rapoarte care pe parcursul lunii/anului nu raman definitive)

- exprima actiuni/stari viitoare
Ex. Maine este duminica = Tommorow is Sunday

Putem manca cand vei veni = we can eat when you arrive

- exprima actiuni sau obiceiuri care se repeta in general.
fol. adv.: always, usually, often, seldom (rareori, rar), never, as a rule (mai intotdeauna), whenever (ori de cate ori), one ussualy (de obicei), once in a while (din cand in cand) Ex: intodeauna se tine de cuvant, = he always keeps his word adesea se duc la mare = they often go to the seaside

Eu beau cafea, fumez = I drink coffee, smoke

- comentarii / recenzii sortive / povestiri dramatice
Ex. Smythe serves the ball and Lanyon misses it …..

• dupa when, until, while, as nu se foloseste will si nici Present Perfect. Se foloseste Present Simple. Ex: Putem manca cand vii = we can eat when you arrive.

NOTA: In general se folosec adverbele:
Every day/week/month/year, usually, sometimes, always, rarely, never, often, in the morning/evening/afternoon, at night, on Monday, 2) Present tense continuos - forma:– to be + vb.forma1+ing

Se traduce: Timpul prezent = Este acea actiune care se desfasoara in momentul vorbirii Ex: Eu aud

vb regulatevb neregulateDIATEZA PASIVA
AI amcoming stoppingis being solved
You are coming
He, she, it is coming
We are...
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