Timothy Treadwell Behavior

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  • Published : May 14, 2013
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Till Death Do Us Part
There’s a lot of awareness toward animal rights and animal cruelty in the United States, there are plenty of animal rights organizations that help us the public learn about what happens to animals when we don’t know or see. But some activist make the safety of animals their priority in life, even to the point to put them in danger to do what they think is correct. Timothy Treadwell, also known as Grizzly Man, did just that. Being a hardcore activist living with grizzlies in order to protect them from what he called “the evils of men”. According to Anthrozoologist like Hal Herzog, the author of “Some We Love, Some We Hate, Some We Eat”, Timothy Treadwell’s behavior can be explained by his past life struggles, his over love for bears, and his eagerness to take action. How does someone go from being an actor to a bear enthusiast? Treadwell’s occupation is stated as being an actor because that’s what he studied for, but it was something that he didn’t get lucky in and therefor became a frustrated actor. The truth about Treadwell is that before you found his “calling” he was a very lost and unhappy person, in some of his footage saying “Nobody friggin’ knew that there are times when my life has been on the precipice of death”. Treadwell after becoming alcoholic survived a near-fatal heroin overdose making him realize that he had to do something in his life that was meaningful and that’s where the grizzlies changed his life. Hal Herzog says “animal activism can give meaning and purpose to a person’s life” (Herzog 242), after hiding bottom Treadwell needed to figure out what else he had to do where he wouldn’t be judged, rejected, and ashamed by anyone. When Treadwell met his first bear, he found his calling, he found his meaning in life, he now knew what his purpose was and that was to live among the brown bears. Because of his past situations and disappointments, being alone in the wild with creatures that wouldn’t mind having him around and...
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