Timothy of Cay

Topics: Fiction, Novel, The Cay Pages: 3 (347 words) Published: April 15, 2012
Timothy of the Cay
By Theodore Taylor
Team 1
Each student will choose one of the following activities. This assignment will count as TWO grades. You will be graded on creativity, neatness, presentation, and accuracy of details.

|Dramatize a monologue from the perspective of any of the characters responding to another |Create a character web depicting at least characters from the novel. Your work must show the | |character in the novel. 1 minute TIMED. ` |relationship between the three characters. Write three adjectives to describe each character. You| | |are allowed to use magazine or internet clippings to represent the characters. | | | | | | | | | | |Write a two diary entries from the perspective of one the characters from the novel. Include |Chapter Blurb- In your own words, write two complete sentences per chapter about what happened in| |dates, chapter, and page number. |each chapter. | |Front page only. |...
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