Timothy Leary

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1960’s Report

Timothy Leary

Timothy was an American writer and psychologist known for his advocacy of psychedelic drugs. He lived from October 22, 1920 to May 31, 1996 and was born in Springfield, Massachusetts, the only child of an Irish American dentist who abandoned his wife when Leary was 13. He attended the College of the Holy Cross and enrolled as a cadet in the United States Military Academy at West Point under the pressure of his dad and was eventually encouraged to resign and was given an honorable discharge. Leary pursued his education in psychology at University of Alabama, Georgetown University, Ohio State, Washington University, and finally got his Ph.D. in psychology at University of California Berkely. The title of Leary’s Ph.D. was "The Social Dimensions of Personality: Group Structure and Process." Leary married and had two kids, but his wife committed suicide. Leary became an assistant professor at University of California Berkely and then moved on to be a lecturer in psychology at Harvard University where he was kicked out the for his influence of psychedelic substances among Harvard students and faculty members.

In the 1960’s Timothy Leary was a major advocate of psychedelic drugs and he ran experiments and wrote books that supported his beliefs. It started when he took a recommended trip to Mexico to try these shrumes and claimed that, “He learned more about his brains possibilities then he had in his 115 years of studying and doing research in psychology. This was the beginning of an influential and “dangerous” Timothy Leary. He started the program known as the Harvard Psilocybin Project in order to analyze the effects of these drugs. Him and his associates all believed that these then legal drugs allowed to people to discover a higher level of consciousness and began this campaign introducing everyone to these psychedelic drugs. Leary’s research focused on reforming criminals and...
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