Timeshare: Telemarketing and Phoenix Vacations

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Phoenix Vacations and Timeshares
MGT 521
April 10, 1999

Phoenix Vacations and Timeshares
Business and organization managers use control measures to monitor and measure internal techniques. The measurements are then evaluated to detect modifications which should be implemented in the organization, to achieve the goals set forth by the company. Team B has been tasked with managing an outbound vacation timeshare call center, and will explain what types of measures used to ensure the call center employees are working efficient and effectively towards the company goals. A Call centers is used to promote sales because “having employees spend time on call handling prevents them from doing higher revenue generating tasks, so many companies add employees to manage their call handling. This drives additional overhead costs to a business” (Forlex Sales, 2012). At the Phoenix Vacations and Timeshares Company, the call center is promoting luxury vacations and timeshares, and to ensure that sales quotas are being met training and explanation of the company goals are discussed. First, telemarketers attend a week training to ensure they have the knowledge to sell the product which is offered by the company. Second, the telemarketers receive a written script provided by the company, which should be read verbatim to all potential customers, which includes rebuttals and answers to frequently asked questions. Third, telemarketers are given the company policies, which include work hours, scheduled breaks, and the zero tolerance of the personal use of the company computers and phone. Fourth, goals and objectives for the company will be reviewed so the telemarketer will understand how they are assessed and evaluated. Phoenix Vacation and Timeshare Company uses two internal controls to measure the call center, which include time management logs and 360 monitoring. First, management team B come together every Monday to discuss computer and sales data...
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