Times a Wasting

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Lifeless days are those that go on without leaving a mark or help establish one later on. Days can be spent watching reruns of episodes you don’t like on a show you despise. Usually, most kids are offered ways to stay busy in their own school with either after school activities or piles of homework. For those who aren’t too fond of either of those I strongly urge you to find a way to stay busy through a hobby. I run to stay busy, because I know it is healthy and gives me ways to introduce small ambitions that can be overcome with enough intent. It is important to have hobbies because it is a great form of setting your self up with goals, and goals allow humans to stay sane, so smaller goals help keep you at bay while your big ones are in the process. Think of each short-term goal as a puzzle piece, there to help furnish the complicated conundrum that is a puzzle.

After every run I always ask myself if I could have gone farther, if I could have gone faster. Progress satisfies people enough to keep them going. Just as well as a lack of progress motivates you to do better. During early runs beating my usual personal record elevates me to some far place I loved being but left me ambitious enough to go even higher. Pushing through the laziness, wanting to just sleep in gives you much satisfaction once all is said and done.

To get so absorbed into an activity that only has you to be the controller of the pace is a great form of self-discipline. Not once did I question why I push myself harder after every run because I was so proud of what I accomplished. Learning what my extreme was I developed new ways to work around it, to know when it is too much.

After completing a short-term goal you feel the need to walk a little straighter and feel more accomplished. When completed you can acknowledge that everyday practicing or studying was part of the final result, giving it a more meaningful perspective to the rigorous time spent. Every second gazing at a single...
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