Times Change and We Change with Them

Topics: White people, Truth, Tempora mutantur Pages: 1 (298 words) Published: May 8, 2008
“Time and Us”
“Tempora mutantur, nos et mutamur in illis” is a Latin quote which means “times change, and we change with them.” This quote may be true in some situations such as fashion, but for the most part is not. Things such as trends and word “lingo” are expected to change, and they do. Other things such as people’s behavior and actions seem not to change as much. High school students for example, still act the same way they have for who knows how long.

High school is a perfect example for “times change, and we change with them.” If you were to look back at a group of teenagers back when your parents were in school, they would very much resemble teenagers today. They would make the same mistakes, break the same rules, and even act the same as we do today. Adults may say they never saw anyone doing drugs or never heard of anyone having sex at their age, and they use it against all teenagers today, when the truth is that it was happening just as much back then as it is now, they were just oblivious.

If you were to look back in history books and compare the pictures to people now days, there are enormous differences in the physical characteristics, but emotionally and logically they are almost exactly the same. Now, there are exceptions to the fact that people do change with time such as racism, but even it is contradictory. Even though the majority of white people used to despise black people, and most whites have learned to accept them, many to this day still do not. It may seem that people have changed over time but the truth is that they still feel the same way.
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