Timeline of Yahoo!

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  • Published : July 22, 2011
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Timeline of Yahoo!


Timeline of Yahoo!
Timeline of major events for Yahoo!.

• January 1994: Jerry Yang and David Filo create "Jerry's Guide to the World Wide Web" while studying at Stanford University. • April 1994: "Jerry's Guide to the World Wide Web" is renamed "Yahoo"

• March 1995: Yahoo is incorporated. • 1995: Ziff Davis Inc. launches the magazine Yahoo! Internet Life, initially as ZD Internet Life. The magazine was meant to accompany and complement the website.

• April 12, 1996: Yahoo has Initial public offering, closing at $33.00, up 270% from the IPO price, after peaking at $43.00 for the day.

• October 8, 1997: Yahoo! acquires Four11, and Four11's Rocketmail service becomes Yahoo! Mail.

• June 8, 1998: Yahoo acquires Viaweb, co-founded by Paul Graham, which becomes Yahoo Store. • October 12, 1998: Yahoo acquires direct marketing company Yoyodyne Entertainment, Inc.[1]

• January 28, 1999: Yahoo acquires Geocities. • April 1, 1999: Yahoo acquires Broadcast.com.

• January 3, 2000: Yahoo stocks close at an all-time high of $475.00 (pre-split price) a share. The day before, it hit an intra-day high of $500.13 (pre-split price). • January 19, 2000: At the height of the Dot-com tech bubble, shares in Yahoo Japan became the first stocks in Japanese history to trade at over ¥100,000,000, reaching a price of 101.4 million yen ($962,140 at that time).[2] • February 7, 2000: Yahoo.com was brought to a halt for a few hours as it was the victim of a distributed denial of service attack (DDoS).[3] [4] On the next day, its shares rose about $16, or 4.5 percent as the failure was blamed on hackers rather than on an internal glitch, unlike a fault with eBay earlier that year. • May 22, 2000: A French judge LICRA_v._Yahoo ordered Yahoo to ban Nazi-related sites from its search engine, and to stop to act as an intermediary on bids for objects with racist overtones. Yahoo denied the French court's jurisdiction over a United States based company, and the tribunal's requests were finally abandoned in 2003. Yahoo eventually quit voluntarily trading on Nazi and Ku Klux Klan bibelots.[5] [6]

Timeline of Yahoo! • June 28, 2000: Yahoo acquires eGroups.


• March 7, 2001: Yahoo CEO Tim Koogle announces he will step down and remain only a company board member. • April 17, 2001: Terry Semel announced as the new Yahoo CEO. • September 26, 2001 Yahoo stocks close at an all-time low of $8.11. The day before, it hit an intra-day low of $8.02 (both figures are pre-split prices). • October 2001: Yahoo! acquires Australian online auction site Sold.com from Fairfax Media for $30 million • December 27, 2001: Yahoo acquires HotJobs. • January 22, 2001: Yahoo! acquires Hotjobs for $436 million

• June 3, 2002: SBC and Yahoo Launch National Co-Branded Dial Service -- Press Release [7] • December 2002: Yahoo Inc. starts acquisition of Inktomi Web search engine

• July, 2003: BT Openworld announces an alliance with Yahoo -- Press Release [8] • July 2003, Yahoo acquires Overture Services, Inc.

• January 19, 2004: Yahoo Inc. announces the formation of Yahoo Research Labs [9], a research organization focusing on the invention of new technologies and solutions for Yahoo. Yahoo's Head and Principal Scientist, Dr. Gary William Flake, leads the new organization. Dr. Flake has since left the company and now works at Microsoft. • February 19, 2004: Yahoo drops Google-powered results, launching its own web-crawling algorithm and using its own site index after it had used Google's results for a long time. • March 2004: Yahoo launches its own search engine technology. • March 1, 2004: Yahoo announces (as cited in the New York Times article listed in the "References" section) that it will practice paid inclusion for its search service. However, it also announced it would continue to rely mainly on a free web crawl for most of its search engine...
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