Timeline of the Indian Mutiny 1857

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  • Published : March 10, 2013
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A rumour spreads throughout the Sepoys about the animal fat being used to grease the cartridges for the new Enfield rifles.

26th February
After the rumour spreads, Sepoys at the 19th Native Infantry at Berhampore refuse rifle practice, causing upset between the Sepoys and the British officers.

29th March
At Barrackpore, in Bengal, Mangal Pande wounds two British officers during mutiny of 34th Native Infantry.

31st March
19th native infantry at Berhampore are disbanded.

8th April
After the events of the mutiny where two British Officers were killed, Mangal Pande is hanged at Barrackpore.

24th April
Troopers of the 3rd Bengal Light Cavalry at Meerut refuse to fire the new Enfield Rifles due to the new animal fat grease being used.

6th May
Part of the 34th Native infantry at Barrackpore (involved in the Mutiny that included Mangal Pande) is disbanded.

10th May
Mutiny and murders at Meerut, Sepoys head down Grand Trunk road towards Delhi.

11th May
European and Christian Indians are slaughtered when mutineers reach Delhi.

13th May
Bahadur Shah II proclaimed new Mughal emperor.

20th-23rd May
Parts of 9th native infantry mutiny at Agra, between Kalpi and Delhi.

30th-31st May
Mutinies continue at Muttra, Lucknow, Bhurtpore and Rohikhand.

5th-6th June
The 2nd Cavalry at Cawnpore mutinies.
A siege begins.

6th June
Mutiny at Alahabad, between Cawnpore and Banaras, along Grand Trunk Road.

8th June
Men of the 12th Bengal Native Infantry seize the fort containing the treasure. British officers are massacred along with their wives and children.

27th June
Around 300 British soldiers, women and children were massacred at what has become known as ‘Massacre Ghat’

4th July
Commander Henry Lawrence dies from injuries sustained from an explosion two days earlier during the mutiny.

7th July
Survivors of the Massacre Ghat are massacred in the Bibighar at Cawnpore. Havelock’s force...
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