Timeline of Julius Caesar

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  • Published : October 3, 2012
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July 12-13, 100 BCE: Gaius Julius Caesar was born into patrician family that had allied itself politically with the plebian politicians. Julius was not his first name; it was the name of the family. The Caesars traced their ancestry back to the goddess of love, Venus. They had a special family temple devoted to her. . 76 BCE: Caesar decided to gain training in oratory. He chose to study with a famous teacher of rhetoric living on the island of Rhodes. On the way the Rhodes Caesar was captured by pirates and held for ransom. He secured the ransom and was released. He then put together a naval force and captured the pirates. He had them executed in the Roman fashion, by crucifixion. 74 BCE: Caesar assembled a private army to combat the attacks on the Roman Empire of Mithradates VI, the king of Pontus c. 73 BCE: While Caesar was in the eastern Mediterranean he was made a member of the College of Pontifices, an honor but without much significance. When he returned to Rome he was elected to be a tribune for the military 69-68 BCE: Caesar was elected to be a quaestor (government financial administrator). This was the first consequential political office. Later in this period his wife died. Since later his aunt, who was the widow of Marius, died. 65 BCE: Ceasar was elected to the office of aedile. An aedile had responsibilities for the maintenance of temples and other public buildings. An aedile also regulated the public games and markets. 63 BCE: Caesar was elected Pontifex Maximus, the chief priest of the religion of Rome. It was a prestigious office but did not involve much in the way of duties. 61 BCE: Caesar is appointed governor of Farther Spain (Andalusia and Portugal. 59 BCE: Caesar is elected consul. 58 BCE: Caesar's allies in the government arranged for him to become the governor of Cisalpine Gaul. 57 BCE: Caesar's forces subdued Celtic tribes in Brittany and Normandy. 54 BCE: Caesar revisited Britain. A serious revolt developed in northeastern Gaul and...
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