Timeline of Fiji

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  • Published : October 25, 2012
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Date |Event | |
|1500 BC |Fiji was suggested to have settled by Polynesians before Micronesian, but there lacks evidence that this happened either in oral and | | |geology, except that of Ma'afu. |

[edit]1820 to 1874

|Date |Event | |1822 |European settlement begins at Levuka, Fiji's first modern town. | |1830 |The first Christian missionaries from Tahiti, Hatai, Arue and Tahaara, arrive at Lakeba, brought via Tonga by the London Missionary | | |Society. | |1835 |Methodist missionaries, William Cross and David Cargill, arrive in Lakeba. They are accompanied by emissaries from Taufa'ahau the Tongan | | |high chief and by Josua Mateinaniu, a Fijian from Vulaga who had been converted at Vava'u in 1834. | |1840 |First visit from an American exploring expedition commanded by Captain Charles Wilkes. | | |1845 Conversion of Ratu Ravisa (Varani), chief of Viwa, influenced by the ministry of Rev. John Hunt. Varani is the first significant | | |Fijian missionary among the islands and a strong counter-cultural influence upon Ratu Seru Cakobau, preeminent among the warring chiefs | | |of Fiji. | |1847 |Prince Enele Ma'afu of Tonga invades part of Lau, establishing himself in Lakeba by 1848. | |1849 |Trading store of United States Consul and settler John Brown Williams accidentally destroyed by stray cannon fire and subsequently looted| | |by Fijian natives. | |1851 |First threatening visit from the United States Navy, demanding US$5,000 for Williams's losses. | |1853 |Warlord Ratu Seru Epenisa Cakobau installed as Vunivalu (Paramount Chief) of Bau, and claims the title of Tui Viti (King of Fiji). | |1854 |Cakobau converts to Christianity, influenced by the unifying features of Christianity, its obvious connections with the western world and| | |the presence in Fiji of a Tongan army led by Taufa'ahau and Ma'afu. | |1855 |Cakobau crushes Rewa revolt. | | |The leader of the revolt, Mara, is executed four years later. | | |John Brown Williams's home is destroyed by arson. Visit from warship USS John Adams, demanding almost $44,000 compensation; seizes some | | |islands as mortgage. | |1858 |Arrival of the first British Consul William Thomas Pritchard. | | |Hostile visit from USS Vandalia....
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