Timeline for Social and Emotional Development

Topics: Feeling, Anxiety, Infant Pages: 2 (803 words) Published: December 16, 2012
The first month: a babys first smile in definate response to carer is usually around 5-6weeks. The baby often imitates caertain facial expressions. The baby uses total body movements to express pleasure at bathtime or when being fed. The baby enjoys feeding and cuddling. In the first month babies are learning where they begin and end e.g his or her hand is part of them but mothers hand is not. 1-4month: the baby will smile in response to an adult. The baby enjoys suvking. The baby turns to regard nearby speakers face. The babyturns to preferred persons voice. The baby recognises face and handsof preffered adults. The baby may stop crying when he or she hears, sees, or feels their carer. The baby shows enjoyment at caring routines such as bathtime. The baby responds with obvious pleasure to loving attention and cuddles. The baby fixes his or her eyes unblinkingly on carers face when feeding. 4-6months: the baby shows trust ans security. The baby has recognised sleeping patterns. 6-9months: the baby can manage to feed him or her self using fingers. The baby is now more wary of strangers, sometimes showing stranger fear. The baby might offer toys to others. The baby might show distress when his or her mother leaves. The baby typically begins to crawl and this means he or she can do more or him or herself, reach for objects and get to places and people. The baby is now more aware of other peoples feelings for example he or she may if their brother cries. 9-12months:the baby enjoys songs ans action rhymes. The baby still likes to be near to a familiar adult. The baby can drink from a cup with help. The baby will play alone for long periods. The baby has and shows definate likes and dislikes at mealtimes and bedtimes. 1-2years: the child begins to have a longer memory. The child developsa sense of identity. The child expresses his or her needs in words and gestures. Enjoys being able to walk and is eager to get dressed. The child is aware when others are fearful or...
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