Timeline and Checklist for Event Planning

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1. Operational Plan

The operational plan which was created for the event was extremely beneficial and it directed the Land 2 Air event to success with minimal errors possible. During the event, each team performed their tasks and completed them efficiently and effectively.

Majority of segments from operational plan went according to plan, all colleagues were presentable, and exceeding requirements and all the decorations arrived early and were set up effectively. Teamwork could really be seen during the planning of the event and on the day itself which was a positive aspect.

The teams which encountered a major problem on the Event day were ours, the escorts of guest speakers. During the process of our task, security had witness us with a staff key card, allowing guest speakers into the institute. Following this, security confiscated the key card which jeopardized the whole Event day. Fortunately, however the keycard was taken just after the third speaker had arrived. This is a plus side because the fourth speaker had arranged to walk from her agency which was located in the city; she did not need a vehicle. The escorts were unaware of this and had waited for almost 20 mins for the final speaker to arrive. This unforseen issue relates mainly on the lack of communication between teams. The most important information was not discussed and shared with all the colleagues, this greatly affected the performance of some teams.

2. Workflow

There were a number of things on the operational plan that did not occur during the day. However these things didn’t greatly affect the outcome of the event itself. These things included the teams not following out on their tasks correctly. For instance the ushers did not seat the students, teachers or guest speakers. The entire class has to direct our guests to their seats.

Another workflow issue that occurred was mentioned previously. The keycard incident was not according to plan and we did not have a...
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