Timed Write

Topics: Coca-Cola, Rhetoric, The Coca-Cola Company Pages: 1 (416 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Timed Write
The world of business is often complicated and unpredictable, as are many aspects of life. The conflict between the use of "it's the real thing" for the advertisement of Coca-Cola and the novel "Diary of a Harlem Schoolteacher," is quite humorous, to the point of absurdity. The letters both present each side of the case; however, the one written by Richard Seaver is far more persuasive. The letter written by Ira C. Herbert, an executive of the Coca-Cola Company, contains an arrogant tone that is maintained throughout the body of the letter. He writes the concern lies in the idea that "there will always be likelihood of confusion" between the novel and Coca-Cola. To believe the consumer is so uneducated as to not be able to distinguish between a "book by a Harlem school teacher" and a "six-pack of Coca-Cola," is quite preposterous. Through the use of examples, Herbert only proves that there is a break between the periods of usage of the slogan. They used the slogan “in 1954” and then “resumed in 1969.” The dates Herbert provides appear that Herbert believes the slogan is a product of the Coca-Cola Company. Herbert maintains a demanding, authoritative voice that does nothing to persuade, if anything it achieves the opposite effect. Seaver makes great use of biting humor in his letter of response that allows for a more persuasive argument. He writes that in order to avoid confusion between the respective products due to the slogan, each "sales personnel [is] to make sure that what the customer wants is the book, rather than a Coke." Thus being quite humorous about the whole situation, Seaver maintains a conscious nativity in response to the authoritative and condescending tone of Herbert's letter. Seaver quite innocently writes that neither him nor anyone in the agency "realized that [the Coca-Cola Company] owned the phrase." It is this sort of underlying sarcasm that allows for a persuasive and entertaining argument. However, though Seaver may use...
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