Time Warner Shareholder Report

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Time Warner Inc.|
Shareholder report
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Time Warner Inc.
Time Warner is a leading company in entertaiment and media world.Founded back in 1970’s,company has achieved a lot since than and become a multinational corporation headquartered in New York.Some of the leading brands of the company are:CNN,HBO,TNT,Warner Bros,New Line Cinema,Sports Illustrated and Time.CNN was the first channel that provided 24-hour news coverage in more that 36 countries.HBO in the other hand is a premium television network,and last year it reached around 30 million subscribers in the United States and became the second premium network(behind Encore’s with almost 35 subscribers recorded from January 2013). The company’s business is made of three different segments:network(which is basically dealing with providing television networks and services),filmed entertainment(which is dealing with production and distribution of featured films,video games and home video)and publishing(most of all based on publishing magazines).Regarding the film segment,Warner Bros has a reputation of creating some of the most successful movies of all time.Among them are:Harry Potter,which is the highest film-series of all time,with $7,7 billion in receipts from all over the world,than there is Lord of the Rings,a movie that won amazing 17 oscars out of 30 Academy Award Nominations.and Batman.These movies that I mentioned have generated all together $12 billion ticket sales world wide. Some of the company’s competitors are: CBS Corporation,Sony,News Corporation,and the one that is considered to be the biggest is the Walt Disney Company.The strategy that company has choosed is differentiation.The company is known for it’s traditon and also the high quality services that is giving to their customers for years. It’s variety of networks that is providing is based on a basic and premium prices.It operates domestically but also internationaly.It has...
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