Time Travel: Coming Soon to a Future Near You!

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Time Travel: Coming Soon to a Future Near You!

By | November 2012
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Time Travel: Coming Soon to a Future Near You!

“The Association of Time-Travelers has postponed todays meeting to yesterday.”

Since as early as I can remember, the idea of time travel has been a fascinating one indeed. The thought of traveling into the past or the future elicits an infinite number of fantastic possibilities and scenarios. Going back in time to experience historical events and see prominent figures and places are among some of the most alluring advantages. Some people would prefer to use time travel for financial gain or to somehow alter the past to change the present, perhaps to prevent certain events or catastrophies from taking place at all. Whatever the reason, few people can honestly say that the desire to travel to a different place in time never crossed their minds.

Science fiction and hollywood have capitilized extensively on the theory, or idea, of time travel. Charles Dickens portrayed time in early on in history with his book A Christmas Carol. In Dickens’ novel Ebenezer Scrooge travels to the past and to the future with the help of ghosts to help him see his follies and inevitible demise. H.G Wells wrote The Time Machine in 1895 where an inventor actually creates a time machine to travel back in time. Wells is credited with making the idea of time travel a household concept and actually coined the term time machine. More recently hollywood has produced numerous films which delve deeper and perhaps more creatively into the actual process of theorized, fictional time travel. In Back to the Future, directed by Robert Zemeckis, Marty McFly uses a DeLorean to travel back in time to make sure his parents fall in love, otherwise he would never have been born. Back to the Future is centered around one of the many paradoxes of time travel. If you travel back in time and alter the course of history in such a manner that you were never born, how could you exist to have ever...

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